I Do What I Want!

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Can I just take a minute to say


Oh my gosh, Mark is playing this game Called Never-Ending Nightmares and the creator, Matt Gilgenbach, according to wikipedia (I know its not very reliable, but) based the art style largely off Edward Gorey, who’s art I loved as a kid and would always play the game. This is Edward’s “Dracula”:


and this is Neverending Nightmares:


and the little child inside me is really happy and the nostalgia is real. 

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So apparently neverending nightmares is finally out (thank you Zombie, I’ll be getting it later I guess), and it’s been quite some time 

but boy oh boy I really misseed the protag’s done tired face over everything, can relate 10/10


"I’m so tired of all this"


"well you tell me my own corpse"


"don’t you have anything better to do"

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Сегодня мне хочется вспомнить о психологическом хорроре Neverending Nightmares, который не так давно успешно собрал необходимую сумму на Kickstarter.

За игрой Neverending Nightmares стоит реальная борьба разработчика, Мэтта Гилгенбаха, с обсессивно-компульсивным расстройством и депрессией, которые вышли из под контроля после провала его первой игры, Retro/Grade.

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